In the project "Bauhofmanagementsystem", a small building yard with model vehicles, model equipment and model materials was created at the BIM-LAB of the University of Wuppertal. Photos of the originals were researched for the models and technical data sheets were created. This data was entered into a software and thus one had a digital twin. A digital twin is a software presentation of a real object. It can be a device, a material or a PSA. The digital twin is an exact replica of the real object. The digital twin is continuously updated during its life cycle. The real object is also constantly changing. The models are equipped with a transponder and a barcode, which can also be stored in the software. In this way, the condition as well as the location of the equipment and materials can be documented without interruption.

Modelchecker und Prüfregel

In the project "Vergleich von Modelcheckern und Programmierung von eigenen Regelsätzen", the model checkers Solibri, Desite MD Pro and Tekla BIMsight were compared at the BIM-LAB of the University of Wuppertal in terms of their function and the rule sets they contain and documented in tabular form. Based on the comparison, the rule sets contained in Solibri were programmed in Desite MD Pro. Solibri contains 150 ready-made rule sets that the user can transfer to his own model. The user can also write his own rules. Desite MD Pro, on the other hand, contains only three ready-made rule sets. But with the API interface, you can also program your own inspection rules here. Tekla BIMSight does not have such an API interface.

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