A multinational approach to integrating BIM into education and training

Funders: Erasmus+

Project term: 10/2016 bis 09/2019

As part of the international Erasmus project "BIM Game", a simulation game for holistic learning of the BIM method is being developed in cooperation with the Bergische Universität Wuppertal, the Jade Hochschule Oldenburg, the University of Liège, the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture Lyon, the Polish company Datacomp and the French companies Pôle Energie Franche-Comté, ASTUS Construction and ALBIZZATI. Using a 3D building model, different scenarios are developed together over the entire life cycle of a building. The scenarios are based on the participants' level of knowledge and experience, so both students and experienced participants in construction projects can use the BIM Game to learn the BIM method in a practical way. The focus of the BIM Game is on collaborative work and the improvement of these soft factors of each individual participant. The possibility to work together in international teams supports the participants to understand and accept the different perspectives of the different roles involved in the construction as well as different cultures.

Watch the research video here.


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