Public sector knowledge circle (Wissenszirkel öffentliche Hand) - Digitalisierung und BIM

The Public sector knowledge circle (Wissenszirkel öffentliche Hand) - Digitalisierung und BIM is an initiative of the Institute for the Management of Digital Processes in the Construction and Real Estate Industry (BIM Institute) at the University of Wuppertal with the aim of networking public sector builders and building managers and promoting an exchange of knowledge.

To this end, regular meetings focus on topics from the area of the introduction and implementation of the BIM method and digitalisation from the perspective of the public sector. In addition to organisational, legal and technical aspects from internal and external speakers, participants present pilot projects and lessons learned. On a data exchange platform, participants can exchange relevant documents, such as client information requirements, BIM execution plans or contracts in an internal and protected area. In supplementary working group meetings, content-related elaborations take place that offer added value for various participants.

All interested participants are warmly welcome.

The condition for participation is the willingness to engage in open exchange and the affiliation to a public organisation (municipality, district, state enterprise, etc.) with a connection to real estate.

Since March 2020, meetings have generally taken place as web meetings.

If you are interested in participating, please contact a.meins-becker[at] or kaufhold[at]


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