DIGI-Labor // FK 5

The development of the new design tools and methods in architectural education offers architecture students new and forward-looking solutions, but at the same time presents them with new challenges in the area of representation and model construction. The Digital Laboratory for Computer-Aided Model Making, with its CNC tools such as laser cutters and 3D printers, offers students support in realising their ideas.

The modern tools expand the range of possibilities in architectural model making. With our CNC machines, students can produce very complex structural models very quickly and inexpensively, the production of which was previously impossible or only possible at a very high cost.

You will find the DIGI-Lab in HC 02.03


The Styrocutter can cut out volumes from Styrofoam blocks with a hot wire and thus enables experimental shape elaboration in two axes.

Laser machine

The CNC laser machine can trace lines and arcs on a planar plane thanks to the two directional axes. Materials such as Plexiglas, wood and cardboard can be precisely cut and engraved, thus simplifying and speeding up model making.

3D Printer - ZPrinter 360

The powder printing process enables a uniform surface of the volume due to the low layer thickness of 0.1 mm. Complex structures can thus be realised in model making, on a print area of 254 x 203 x 203 mm.


A mobile monitor can be used for presentations, events or collaborative work.

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