Master of Science Sustainable construction | urban mining

The global ecological footprint of humankind is already larger than the Earth's available resources can sustain. In 2022, nature's resource budget for the entire year was already used up on 1 August, the so-called "Earth Overshoot Day". 30 years ago, this day fell on 9 October. Construction is a resource-intensive industry. In Germany alone, more than 500 million tonnes of mineral raw materials are used every year. From construction steel to cement: the Federal Environment Agency puts the amount of material used in German buildings at 15 billion tonnes.

 Valuable resources, because sand and other ressources such as copper are already becoming short. Anyone who wants to plan and build for the future in a sustainable and resource-saving way can learn how at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal. The part-time Master's programme Nachhaltiges und ressourcenschonendes Bauen (sustainable construction | urban mining) prepares specialists and managers who can help shape and further develop the transformation process from a resource-intensive construction industry to a sustainable circular economy in the building sector.

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