Learning BIM through play? - Of course! BIM basic e-learning course

What is BIM? What is BIM used for? And what advantages does BIM offer?

The BIM basic course answers these questions and more in a gamified e-learning format. The e-learning consists of 6 modules, which comprise a total of 16 units. Using a memorable example from the construction industry, you will learn what BIM is all about and why the use of BIM can significantly increase efficiency. In this way, you will acquire the basic BIM knowledge required for VDI/buildingSMART certification.

The advantage of this course: you learn when you want, where you want and at your preferred pace.

You also have the choice of taking the BIM Basic e-learning course in combination with the final examination for "Professional Certification - Foundation Basis" in accordance with the requirements of the VDI/buildingSMART 2552/8.1 "BIM Qualification - Basic Knowledge" guideline at the University of Wuppertal, as a registered certification body, or just the e-learning module.

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