Digital construction with BIM in Germany: focus on construction work

Development of your catalogue of requirements for building data models with regard to the standardisation of detail content and detail inhlate from the point of view of building construction.

Funders: Bundesinstitut für Bau-, Stadt- und Raumforschung (BBSR) im Rahmen der Forschungsinitiative Zukunft Bau

Project term: 07/2015 bis 09/2017

The BIM method has so far only been used as an isolated solution in Germany. At the moment, it is mainly the "little closed BIM" that is used in Germany. One of the reasons for this is that current standardisation efforts seem to focus on the planning phase. On the other hand, the topic of data formats seems to be coming to the fore over data content.

Within the framework of another research project of the Zukunft Bau research initiative, the Department of Construction Management and Construction Economics is analysing, together with construction companies, which requirements must be placed on the building data models coming from the planning phase with regard to the depth and breadth of information so that they can be used effectively for construction. It is to be determined specifically which data with which data content and which level of detail in which quality from the data models coming from the planning must be made available to the building contractors in order to be able to carry out the building execution processes more effectively on this basis.

To this end, a detailed analysis of actual construction processes is first carried out, taking into account common software systems available on the market. The aim of this analysis is to standardise the actual processes and to investigate which data is required in the respective process.

Based on the analysis of the actual processes, the next step is to examine how the actual processes and thus the data required for each process change when the BIM method is used. From the results of the analysis, the requirements for the models coming from the planning can be derived. These requirements are then summarised in a trade-specific catalogue.

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