BBING SP-c Seminar Digital Presentation Forms // Construction Process Management

SP-c Seminar Digital Presentation Forms // Construction Process Management

Summer semester

Lecture times: Thursday 10:00 am - 11:30 am

Lecture room: BIM-LAB HC 01.20

Since the summer semester 2024, the BIM Institute of the University of Wuppertal has been offering a module for construction process management in university teaching together with lecturers from the field. Students gain in-depth knowledge about the organization of construction project processes in the life cycle of a building in structural engineering.

Why you should study construction process management

  • In-depth understanding of construction projects: Gain clear insights into the key processes within the organizational structures of construction projects. The course covers everything from project development to planning and execution.
  • Hands-on: Learn the fundamentals of process management, strategic approaches and process modeling. Our practical applications ensure that you can apply what you have learned directly in your professional life, even outside the construction and real estate industry.
  • Methodological skills: Learn how to systematically structure the integral processes of complex construction projects. This knowledge is particularly relevant for clients and future managers.
  • Client perspective: A special feature of the course is the insight into the perspective of the client or project sponsor. This perspective enables you to gain critical insights into the operational procedures of construction projects and decision-making processes.
  • Expand your knowledge and network: The course offers more than just traditional teaching. Benefit from guest lectures from leading industry professionals and a field trip that provide valuable insights into the real world of work and create networking opportunities.
  • Career prospects: The knowledge you gain will prepare you for a variety of professional fields. These include project development, project management and project control.

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