BIM action recommendation for municipal building authorities and municipal building management in North Rhine-Westphalia

Project term: 05/2020- 11/2020

The Ministerium für Heimat, Kommunales, Bau und Gleichstellung Nordrhein-Westfalen (MHKBG) is promoting the development of a BIM-Handlungsempfehlung (BIM action recommendation) for North Rhine-Westphalian municipalities. The intention is to provide this target group with basic information so that they can implement BIM-based projects more quickly and easily in the future. The Building Information Modelling method, BIM for short, ensures that all data of a construction project is digitally recorded. The networked planning, execution and management of buildings leads to greater efficiency and improved processes. The Bergische Universität Wuppertal was commissioned to prepare the recommendation for action.

The BIM Competence Centre (BIM-CC) founded in the MHKBG would like to use a BIM recommendation for action to summarise the need for information on the introduction and implementation of the BIM method for public, especially municipal, building construction in North Rhine-Westphalia and to promote the application of the method. Existing information and example projects only rarely and insufficiently take into account the specific needs of public building owners and building managers. Many municipal representatives therefore find it difficult to set up BIM pilot projects. "Den Kommunen in Nordrhein-Westfalen bieten sich mit dem Einsatz neuer digitaler Methoden große Chancen." With this BIM-Handlungsempfehlung, we would like to highlight the special role of municipal building owners in BIM implementation and support them in being able to award BIM-based projects in the future and, at best, implement them independently," says Margo Mlotzek, head of the project at the BIM-CC in the MHKBG. In order to gather basic starting information on planning BIM projects, the BIM-CC conducted workshops with public building owners in NRW starting in July 2019 and was supported by Bergische University, among others.

The BIM-Handlungsempfehlung is to provide a common understanding of the application, a structured approach and an overview of the current state of development in German science and practice. The basic factors of processes, people, technology and standards are also to be described in the BIM Recommendation for Action.

The completed BIM-Handlungsempfehlung is available for download in the infobox on the right.

In addition, Annexes 1 and 2 of the BIM Recommendation for Action are also available for download as Excel files.

Participating building administrations and building management companies

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