How much BIM can a medium-sized project take?

Funders: Bundesinstitut für Bau-, Stadt- und Raumforschung (BBSR) im Rahmen der Forschungsinitiative Zukunft Bau

As part of the Zukunft BAU research initiative, the Department of Construction Management and Construction Economics at the University of Wuppertal, together with the practice partners RMA Management, POS4 and DEUBIM, analysed and documented how much BIM a medium-sized construction project with a construction volume of approx. 7.5 million EUR net with project participants from the SME sector can tolerate at the current time. The pilot project "Fachmarktzentrum (FMZ) Leinefelde" is a construction project of the project development company RMA Real Estate Management GmbH (RMA Management), which was technically supervised by the BIM manager DEUBIM and the general planner POS4. The project documentation was completed on 01.09.2018 and is available as a BIM SME guide. The concrete practical reference and the integration of basic technical information provide the readership with a practical approach to the topic.

To date, various BIM pilot projects have been launched or are underway in Germany, but at present only a few empirical values from the pilot projects are available to the public. However, since only a transparent approach to the topic and mutual learning from each other can contribute to the nationwide introduction of the BIM method, the project participants would like to make their experiences in the preparation and implementation of the pilot project available to the public within the framework of this SME guide. However, it should be noted that the BIM method is not " complete", that it is constantly evolving and that this document is a snapshot.

This BIM SME guide documents the key steps in the planning, introduction and implementation of the BIM method in the pilot project "FMZ Leinefelde". As a snapshot, the documentation covers the project process from the beginning of the first BIM planning to the current status of the project's shell construction. For this purpose, the BIM standards and software products used and the associated experiences are described. The aim is to achieve transparent and practice-oriented documentation.

The BIM SME guide was created as part of the research project "BIM-basiertes Betreiben".
The SME guide published by the BBSR can be found here.


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