DigIT_Campus - The building trade of the future

What is DigIT_Campus about?

Building is a tangible activity. There is no question about that. And yet digitalisation can help in all construction project phases - from planning to construction activities to business transactions - to accelerate and automate processes and thus save costs.

The JOBSTARTER plus project "DigIT_Campus - das Bauhandwerk der Zukunft" aims to support small and medium-sized enterprises in the construction sector in the Bergisches Städtedreieck to adapt and expand their in-company training and further education to this goal.

The Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Neue Effizienz GmbH and Utopiastadt gGmbH are offering two free additional qualification programmes together: one is aimed at craft enterprises in the construction and ancillary construction trades and their trainers, the other at their second-year apprentices.

The topics of digitalisation, sustainability and personal and social skills for the world of work are closely interlinked.

What do the apprentices learn in their qualification programme?

The apprentices learn in theory and practice how to use software and digital tools. For example, they use software for building yard organisation, project and defect management, keep a digital construction file and experience the benefits of construction product traceability.

They also learn how to use laser scanners, augmented reality and virtual reality glasses. In cross-trade teams, they carry out a small construction project themselves with a view to sustainability aspects in Utopiastadt.

Teamwork, time management, good communication, etc. are important key skills for everyday work that are consciously practised in our programme.

What is offered to entrepreneurs and trainers?

The additional qualification programme for entrepreneurs and their trainers includes a public series of events, exclusive workshops, process training, support and the development of a network. Topics of the events and workshops are, for example, digital construction project management, ecological construction, smart home and much more.

In the process training, possibilities are shown to change entrepreneurial processes and to digitalise them more strongly. The participants gain insights into opportunities and risks, as well as the possible use of digital tools in their companies. Support can be provided to help implement changes in the company.

For more information: https://web.digitcampus.eu/

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